Commanding Officers

18 Mar 197212 Sep 1973CDR Ralph Alamore Turner, Jr.
12 Sep 197303 Jul 1975LCDR Howard Richard Jones, Jr.
03 Jul 197529 May 1976CDR Albert Aloysius Carretta, Jr.
If anyone has a photo, contact us.29 May 197602 Jun 1978CDR Allen Morris Bissell
02 Jun 197821 Jun 1980CDR William Robert Blakeley
21 Jun 198014 Aug 1982CDR Robert M. Werner
14 Aug 198201 Dec 1984CDR George Thomas Forbes
01 Dec 198402 Jan 1987CDR William Alan Gaffney ('67) (Winchester, Mass.)
02 Jan 198722 Apr 1989CDR Joe Anderson Goodman ('70) (Irving, Tex.)
If anyone has a photo, contact us.22 Apr 198905 May 1991CDR Robert Frederick Ege
If anyone has a photo, contact us.05 May 199115 Aug 1991CDR William D. Largent
15 Aug 199117 Jul 1993CDR Gary Robert Chiaverotti
17 Jul 199306 May 1994CDR Craig Richard Knouse

Qualifications for Navy Captains

by Will Charpentier
The word “captain” in the U.S. Navy carries two meanings, one of position and one of rank. The position is that of the officer in charge of a vessel. The rank is the equivalent of a colonel in the land-based military services, such as the Army or the Marine Corps. The requirements for command vary with the type of ship and the experience required. The requirements for promotion to the rank of captain include both the statutory requirements for eligibility and the judgment of the Captain’s Promotion Board.

Large Warships

A captain must have served as the department head in one of the departments of a ship. A captain must… More